Fundraising Publication Balaich na Whalers
Maggie May 07, 2015
Cabraich Arts and Heritage have just taken delivery of the 20 page Balaich na Whalers publication, which contains accounts and pictures of Lewis men at the Whaling in South Georgia in the late 1950s and early 60s. This is a Cabraich fundraiser to support our future arts and heritage projects.   The magazine is priced £3.50+ postage and is available on this website and on our Facebook page or by contacting Maggie on .
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Dear/madam today I received a copy of your publication about the whalers from the western islands and I am wondering who was kind enough to send this to me. As chairman of the Salvesen ex-whalers club and spent 3 seasons at the whaling on board both factory ships I was surprised to see photos of whale catchers and the factory ship the Southern Venturer of paintings of mine that were produced for various whaling museums in theU.S.A. and in Norway. I have no objection to your publication using these images but I am wondering how you obtained them and also who sent me you excellent publication. During 2007 I attended a whaling conference in Tarbet organised by the Island Book Trust and gave a lecture on the history of Chr.Salvesen Company which is featured in the publication called Whaling and the Hebrides I enjoyed reading your publication and at the next Whalers club meeting I will pass it on to our members to let them see it. My thanks to whoever sent your publication which I really enjoyed. George R Cummings
George Cummings May 09, 2015
Hi George. We spoke on Friday 27th March 2015 when you gave me permission to use your paintings. The copy you were sent in the post was the first one out of the box when they arrived on Thursday. I included my Cabraich card and put my name as sender on the envelope. I am really delighted to read you enjoyed the publication and that you will recommend it to others at the Salvesen Whalers club. Jock Murray sends his regards too.
maggie May 10, 2015
Thanks for this information. I writer about STAMPS WORLD and sometimes abouth The world of Whalers. John
JUAN FRANCO CRESPO December 15, 2015
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