Youth Workshops

Maggie March 04, 2023
Youth Workshop in Stornoway February & March 2023 Read more, Comments: 0

Meeting Centres

Maggie September 30, 2022
New Meeting Centres in Stornoway, every second week is a Gaelic gathering.  Read more, Comments: 0

2022 so far De tha dol bhon uair ud?

Maggie August 28, 2022
Tha an uamhas  Read more, Comments: 0

Tea and Technology Lochs 2022

Maggie December 30, 2021
Technology support for the community will be available in January 2022 in Lochs thanks to S4G and Cabraich Arts    Read more, Comments: 0

November 2021 News

Maggie November 13, 2021
Nomination for Community Project of the Year at The Trad Awards Read more, Comments: 0

Online Music Session Hebrides 

Maggie March 06, 2021

Cabraich Community Arts  have been awarded funding by the Corra Foundation to support musicians and audience to upskill, to join a weekly Hebrides online music session.

Bayhead Sessions, the long running, weekly live event, was hit by the pandemic restrictions in March 2020. Now organisers aim to co-ordinate and support new technology skills, to re-unite the thirty participants in a new online setting.  

This support for Cabraich Community Arts, will provide one to one workshops, for people using their own device, to access and use Zoom and other online platforms.

Cabraich co-ordinator Magaidh Smith said ‘Many new friendships and community networks were created through the open door, weekly music nights at Bayhead Sessions in Stornoway. The pandemic has left many people isolated and our new weekly online event, is a chance to re-establish those links and create new experiences.

Although we aim to reach out to the musicians who played together at Bayhead Sessions pre-Covid and their audience, we also welcome anybody interested in learning new technology skills and participating in a local music setting”

More information on technology support from or 01851 860204.


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Weekly Ceilidh

Maggie January 09, 2021
Weekly online ceilidh supported by Scottish Community Alliance with Gaelic songs and Traditional Music  Read more, Comments: 0

Tales from the Blackhouse-New play 2020

Maggie December 05, 2020
A new play Tales from the Blackhouse by Eric J Macdonald, Uig, is part of the national Lockdown Theatre Connect project. The play is performed by Magaidh Smith, Isle of Lewis ..  Read more, Comments: 0

Online Support

Maggie November 19, 2020
Tech support for musicians from Bayhead Sessions by Scottish Community Alliance   Read more, Comments: 0

Cailleach an Deacoin

Maggie September 29, 2019
New CD Cailleach an Deacoin. Hilarious Gaelic Sketches by Murdo Matheson, Gravir 1960s and 1970s

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D A Matheson Gaelic Songs

Maggie July 27, 2019
2 Cds by Donald Angus Matheson have been re-launched. Traitional Songs of the Islands and Traditional Gold Medal Winner are now available.

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Plays available on Sound Cloud

Maggie March 24, 2019
4 Cabraich plays are now available on Soundcloud and the script is available on CLIlstore on Guthan nan Eilean Link  Read more, Comments: 0

Harvest 2018

Maggie December 09, 2018
Cabraich Community Arts, Isle of Lewis .Creating Cultural publications and Cds in 2018.   Read more, Comments: 0

Ceilidh na Gaidhlig Grinneabhat

Maggie July 14, 2018
Cèilidh na Gàidhlig in Grinneabhat on Friday the 13th July included Gaelic song, poetry and stories ranging from Dòmhnall Cam the 16th century chief of the clan MacAulay, a soldier telling of his true life experience of fighting in Borneo and Malaya, also the more contemporary issues of wind turbines and the implications of Data Protection.
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Launch of Gaelic song CD

Maggie July 11, 2018
Roddy MacDonald a great supporter of Cabraich Community Arts p-resnets his new Cd of Gaelic Songs and Melodeon Tunes.  Read more, Comments: 0

Suil Air Ais new CD

Maggie June 18, 2018
New CD by Roddy MacDonald Plasterfield to be launched in July 2018
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CD Fasan a dh'fhalbh

Maggie June 11, 2018
Another 100 copies of Cd of Hebridean melodeon tunes  Read more, Comments: 0

Gaelic Meet Up June -July 2018

Maggie June 11, 2018
At Lews Castle Stornoway  Read more, Comments: 0

Cabraich Events Feb-March 2018 

Maggie January 30, 2018
Cabraich are co-ordinating and promoting several community events in Feb-March 2018.
Venue: Retirement Centre, Bayhead, Stornoway
Bayhead Music Session Fridays 6.30-9pm. All welcome £3.00. 

Cabraich is promoting 4  free weekly guitar class funded by Metime on Wed 12 -2. (Feb only)
Tea and Technology workshops funded by SOPWA begins on Wed 14th February between 2 and 4pm for 6 weeks.Donations for tea.
Gaelic workshops Wed 4-5.30pm (February Only) funded by Sgioba na Gaidhlig
Tuesday 4-5 Museum nan Eilean (May Only)

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Stories from Hebridean Culture

Maggie January 30, 2018
Local Gaelic stories are currently being researched, recorded and rehearsed thanks to Sgioba na Gaidhlig. The stories will be heard at local events, more information very soon.
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Gaelic Cultural workshops

Maggie January 30, 2018
For six weeks from 24th January 2018, the Gaelic Workshop will be at the Retirement Centre, Bayhead, in Stornoway. On Wednesdays between 4 and 5.30pm till 28th February. Supported by Bord na Gaidhlig and Sgioba na Gaidhlig aig CNES.
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Gaidhlig Classes 

Maggie November 28, 2017
Gaelic classes supported by Bord na Gaidhlig and Sgioba na Gaidhlig are continuing. On Friday afternoons we will be at The Custom House in Stornoway. Do drop in from 4.30pm. A Gaelic conversation group has been meeting at Taigh Tasgaidh nan Eilean during November and there will be news of a December/ January conversation circle venue very soon. There will also be an update on the collection of local Isle of Lewis Gaelic stories currently being recorded. 
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Autumn Workshops

Maggie September 05, 2017

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Blue Men of the Minch -Na Fir Gorma

Maggie April 01, 2017
The Laraich Placenames and Stories project, held a workshop at Sgoil nan Loch and Sgoil nan Pairc with Ariel Killick. The Blue Men -Na Fir Gorma of the Shiant Isles featured in the local story Ariel developed specially for this project. Sgoil na Pairc is a stone's throw from the Shiants. Na h-Eileanan Mora or Na h-Eileannan as the seadogs in Maribhig call them. The teachers workshop evaluations indicate the pupils loved the interaction with the story about places in Lewis and Skye. Workshop pictures from the schools to follow. Ariel has performed four solo immersive interactive bilingual Gaelic theatre in education shows, in the last three years and is one incredible artist. see www.Independent State of Happiness. Ariel thank you for the workshop experience. The children will remember Na Fir Gorma. I met one of them in Spar the next day and the pupil got straight into character. Laraich is funded by Bord na Gaidhlig. Read more, Comments: 0

Tea and Technology

Maggie March 17, 2017
Tea and Technology Workshops continue at the Retirement Centre in Stornoway on Wednesdays 2-4pm until Wednesday 5th April 2017.
Then Tea and Tec workshop moves to the Centre for Independent Living at Grianan, Westview Terrace, Stornoway, Wednesdays 2-4pm until Wednesday 26th April.  

Meantime  Tea and Tech will be Tarbert Community Centre, Isle of Harris on Monday 20th and 27th March between 2-5pm.

Uig Community Centre Isle of Lewis on Tuesday 21st March and Tuesday 4th April between 2-5pm.

Ness Comann Eachdraidh Nis building Tuesday 18th and 25th April between 2-5pm 

Tea and Technology is supported by WIHB, Remoage and the Retirement Centre. See our Facebook Page Tea and Tech Island Read more, Comments: 0

Tea and Technology

Maggie January 09, 2017
As a Community Arts Organisation we are constantly updating our technical skills. Cabraich are supporting the Tea and Technology workshops at the Lewis Retirement Centre again this winter. Workshops commence on Wednesday 18th January from 2 till 4.00pm, so come along and bring your mobile phone, ipad, kindle or laptop to learn from the tec savvy people who will be there. Tea and Technology will be running for 12 weeks till 5th April. Read more, Comments: 0

Laraich January 2017

Maggie January 09, 2017
Cabraich have, in conjunction with the local historical society Comann Eachdraidh Ceann a Tuath nan Loch, been gathering stories relating to place names and the way of life,
in the villages in North Lochs.

On Friday 27 and Saturday 28th January 2017, the collection will be assembled at the Leurbost Community Centre.

This is a come and view, listen and contribute opportunity. Tea will be available while you browse. Look forward to seeing you all.

Laraich is with the support of Bord na Gaidhlig and CNES   Read more, Comments: 0

Laraich Placenames and Stories Project

Maggie December 13, 2016
Cabraich have, in conjunction with the local historical society Comann Eachdraidh Ceann a Tuath nan Loch, been gathering stories relating to place names and the way of life,
in the villages in North Lochs.

This Thursday the 15th December 2016, the collection will be assembled at the Leurbost Community Centre into some kind of order for a two day exhibition during January 2017. 

This is a come and view, listen and contribute opportunity. Tea will be available while you browse. Look forward to seeing you all.

Laraich is with the support of Bord na Gaidhlig and CNES  
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Tea and Technology 2017

Maggie December 09, 2016
As a Community Arts Organisation we are constantly updating our technical skills. Cabraich are supporting the Tea and Technology workshops at the Lewis Retirement Centre again this winter. Workshops commence on Wednesday 18th January from 2 till 3.30pm, so come along and bring your mobile phone, ipad, kindle or laptop to learn from the tec savvy people who will be there. Put it in your new 2017 diary for 12 weeks, every Wednesday till 5th April. See you there. I will be coming along with my laptop and my jumble of pictures, in the hope of organising them into some kind of order.   Read more, Comments: 0

November- December 2016

Maggie October 22, 2016
The Cabraich Arts community has developed into a roller coaster during November and December.
A) Friday evening music session at the Retirement Centre in Bayhead continues weekly  
between 6 and 9pm 

B) Ladies Open -Mic Thursday 10th November Bridge Centre 7.30-10pm
C) Lochs Open-Mic Saturday 12th November Balallan Hall 6.30-9pm
C) Tea and Technology Lochs Thursday 17th November Balallan Hall in Conjunction with WI Dementia    Cafes.  2-3.30pm
D) Tea and Technology Lochs Wednesday 7th December Ravenspoint in Conjunction with WI Dementia   Cafes 2-3.30pm
E) Ladies Open-Mic Thursday 8th December Bridge Centre 7.30-10pm.

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Open-Mic Womens' Nite

Maggie October 14, 2016
Cabraich have been holding monthly Womens' Open-Mic events since October 2015.
See below comments on our facebook page Open-Mic Womens' Nite after the event on Thursday 13th October:   
Another fantastic night with lots of laughter at the monthly Women's Night usually at the Bridge Centre but this time it was at the Carlton.
The Open-Mic Women's Group has a core of eight ladies and another three ladies came along for the first time last night. Comments
" I have never been to a group like this before, this is the best"
"I have never heard that song before".
"I did like the new song about the oilrig, Could I have the words?" ...
"I will do the baking next time"
" I want to learn the guitar".
" I havent done any singing for four years"
" I am so happy here"
There is a wish to extend the group and have two events a month, one of them in the afternoon. There is also a wish to take the group into the rural parts of Lewis. Next event is Thurday 8th December at the |Bridge Centre, Bayhead Stornoway.   Read more, Comments: 0

October events

Maggie August 19, 2016
Plays and stories Thursday 6th October 2016 at Young at Heart Club, Airidhantium. Borve at 2pm. Ceilidh na Gaidhlig at Museum nan Eilean Friday 21st October between 2 and 4pm. Read more, Comments: 0

Feedback Ceilidh na Gaidhlig

Maggie July 05, 2016

Cabraich have had the support of many people for the monthly all Gaelic event Ceilidh na Gaidhlig.

Ceilidh na Gaidhlig included two plays, many stories, songs and poetry in Seallam, Bragar and Arnol venue Grinneabhat, The Hut Back with support on the night from Comunn na Gaidhlig and Back Choir and Taigh Tasgaidh nan Eilean with support on the night from Mod nan Eilean 2016.

The plan was to run the monthly events in different venues up till June 2016 and then evaluate feedback.

Feedback so far : Gaelic learners valued the opportunity to be immersed in the language, the singers,actors, musicians and story teller had a ball, and audiences had a great night of entertainment.Also some of the feedback has resulted in the following daytime events:

Thursday 21st July Ness Lunch Club , August venue /group tbc, September venue/group tbc and Thursday 6th October the Young at Heart Club at the Clan MacQuarrie Hall in Borve.

The plays and stories will be there and any of our performers who can give of their time during the day to come and give us a song or tune or two, will be more than welcome.

The plan for winter 2016-17? Well again it depends on the feedback from the artistes and the audience…..

Many thanks to all our supporters and Bòrd na Gàidhlig for funding for venue hire and travel costs and the motley crew that give of their free time to make it happen.

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New DVD Toradh

Maggie June 20, 2016
The new DVD bu Uig Media and Cabraich contains 8 new short Gaelic films. Available here or on the Cabraich Community Arts Facbook page. Read more, Comments: 0

Ceilidh na Gaidhlig Seallam, Friday June 24th Isle of Harris

Maggie May 19, 2016
Come along and enjoy a programme of drama, stories and songs from Hebridean
Gaelic tradition at Seallam, Northton, Isle of Harris on Friday 24th June.

Magaidh Smith and Ali Ban Maclennan will be performing two new drama Tom s Jerry by Alasdair Campbell and An Turas by Eric J MacDonald. Donald Saunders will be telling yarns and Roddy MacDonald will be playing the melodeon and singing traditional songs. More artistes to be announced closer to the date.

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Museum nan Eilean this Friday 13th May

Maggie May 08, 2016
This month's Ceilidh na Gaidhlig will be at the new Museum Nan Eilean at Lews Castle on Friday 13th May at 7.30, Drama. stories song and music. Come along for a great night's entertainment. Read more, Comments: 0

Toradh New DVD

Maggie April 12, 2016
Uig Media and Cabraich have created a new DVD called Toradh, which contains eight short Gaelic films, all made by volunteers since 2007.  Thanks to the support of Bord na Gaidhlig and Creative Scotland for support with the preparation and duplication costs. Read more, Comments: 0


Maggie April 12, 2016
After a fortnight's break we are back to rehearsals for Ceilidh na Gaidhlig in Grinneabhat on Friday 29th April. The May event on Friday 13th May will be in Museum nan Eilean in Stornoway  and June's Ceilidh na Gaidhlig will be in Seallam, Northton, Harris on Friday 24th June. Read more, Comments: 0

Ceilidh na Gaidhlig (2) Friday 29th April 2016

Maggie March 03, 2016
Ceilidh na Gaidhlig in the Hut in Back, was terrific. Many thanks to all those who made the evening a success Anna NicIllfhinein, Sam MacAoidh, Donnchadh Shirkie, Mairi Nic Ill Fhinnein, Ceitidh Greumach, Coisir Sgire a Bhac, Ruaraidh Domhnallach, Domhnall Saunders, Niall MacRisnidh, Raonaid Cheannadach, Maighread Stiubhairt,  Comhlan Og na Melodian far a 'Bhac, Magaidh Nic a Ghobhainn agus Ali Ban MacLennan. Apologies to anyone I  may have missed. Tapadh leibh uile. Next Ceilidh na Gaidhlig will be in Grinneabhat, Bragar on 29th April. A date for your diary, new plays, stories, songs, and poetry.   Read more, Comments: 0

New Drama

Maggie February 29, 2016
The new Gaelic drama An Turas by Eric J Macdonald will be visiting the Tong Over 60s group on Tuesday 8th March at 2pm. Performed by Ali Maclennan and Maggie Smith.  

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Ceilidh na Gaidhlig Am Bac

Maggie February 20, 2016
Bidh Ceilidh na Gaidhlig anns an Hut air a Bhac Dihaoine sa tighinn 26mh Gearrain. Da dhealbh cluich ur, Coisir na Sgire, seinneadairean agus luchd ciuil bhon a Bhac. Thigibh ann! Ceilidh Na Gaidhig will be at The Hut in Back next Friday the 26 th February.
The new event Cèilidh na Gàidhlig has several targets: to strengthen the use of Gaelic in the communities, to bring drama to a new audience and to enable Gaelic learners to be immersed in the language and island culture for an evening.

We are working with other community groups, who have a strong interest in maintaining the Gaelic language in each area. Cabraich are grateful for the support of Bòrd na Gàidhlig and CNES.

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Ceilidh na Gaidhlig

Maggie January 20, 2016

The new monthly event Cèilidh na Gàidhlig will include Gaelic drama, Gaelic songs and music. January’s ceilidh will be in Ionad nan Seann Sgoile Siabost on Friday 29th at 7.30pm.

The evening’s entertainment will include two new short plays performed by Cabraich Community Arts members, Ali MacLennan and Maggie Smith. The plays are Tom ’s Jerry by Alasdair a Bhocsair, Ness and An Turas by Eric J MacDonald, Uig.

The all Gaelic event will be in a different area each month and include Gaelic singers and musicians who are living locally. Future dates are The Hut, Back on Friday 26th February and Museum nan Eilean on Friday 11th March, with April and May cèilidhs in Grinneabhat and Gearrannan.

Cabraich Community Arts spokesperson said “The group have been performing plays by island writers on local historical and contemporary themes, for the over 60s groups, for a number of years. The new event Cèilidh na Gàidhlig has several targets: to strengthen the use of Gaelic in the communities, to bring drama to a new audience and to enable Gaelic learners to be immersed in the language and island culture for an evening.

We are working with other community groups, who have a strong interest in maintaining the Gaelic language in each area; Clann an La an De Siabost, Iomairt Gàidhlig a Loch a Tuath Am Bac and the new Gaelic Museum nan Eilean at Lews Castle. Cabraich are grateful for the support of Bòrd na Gàidhlig and CNES”



Write excerpt here Read more, Comments: 0

Who said January is a quiet month?

Maggie January 10, 2016
This is to be a busy week. Ladies Open -Mic the monthly event this Thursday in the Bridge Centre at 7pm, The weekly Bayhead Sessions on Friday 6-9pm in The Lewis Retirement Centre and The Stornoway Slam-Poetry from 7pm at the Woodlands.  In between rehearsing two scripts for Ceilidh na Gaidhlig in Shawbost on the 29th January.   Read more, Comments: 0

Gaelic Event Shawbost 29th January

Maggie January 09, 2016

This new monthly Ceilidh na Gaidhlig will have drama, songs and music. The January event is in Ionad nan Seann Sgoile, Shabost on January 29th at 7.30pm.

The evening will include two new Gaelic dramas Tom 's Jerry written by Alasdair Campbell Ness (Alasdair a Bhocsair) and An Good Samaritan written by Eric J MacDonald Uig, performed by actors Alasdair MacLennan and Maggie Smiith.     Ceilidh na Gaidhlig will be in Back in February, March in Museum Nan Eilean, April in Grinneabhat and May will be in Gearrannan Blackhouse village.

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All Gaelic events 2016 

Maggie November 30, 2015

The first in a series of all Gaelic events will be on Friday the 29th January at Ionad na Seann Sgoile, Siabost. The event will include plays, stories and songs. Future one off monthly events will be held in Back, Museum nan Eilean, Grinneabhat, Gearannnan Black House Village and Seallam from February to June 2016.


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Slam poetry

Maggie November 14, 2015
There is interest in running a slam poetry competition in Stornoway on Saturday 16th January. Looking for those who write statement poetry, who are willing to perform live and compete in a contest. Contact Kirsty Nicolson contact if you would like to participate in a Slam in Lewis. Read more, Comments: 0

Absent Friends Festival 10th November 2015

Maggie October 13, 2015

Absent Friends Festival 2015 workshop was at Ionad nan Seann Sgoile, Shawbost on Tuesday 10th November. Dawn Susan from Hebridean Baskets demonstrated and supported participants to make mini  hearts, wreaths and fish from willow in rememberance of an Absent Friend.

The workshop was attended by Clann an La an De the over 60s group and residents of Blar Buidhe supported by the Dementia Friendly Community.    

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Songs and Tunes  

Maggie September 18, 2015

Cabraich's Maggie Smith  will be at the Pairc Social Club lunch at Ravenspoint Centre on Wednesday 7th October to provide entertainment. New local poems,new local songs and a tune or two on the box. 

Tonkan will be at Back Cairdeas group on Wednesday 28th October with classic Gaelic songs, tunes and some of his humorous stories.

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Psalm Boat Phase 2

Maggie September 18, 2015
A taster from the community event on 5th September. Sailing in Falmadair traditional boats, hauling sails, singing psalms, a re-enactment of the congregations coming and going to churches on both sides of Loch Erisort. Read more, Comments: 0

Psalmboats Events 3-5th September

Maggie August 20, 2015

Sailing the Loch: Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September

After months of planning, we can now reveal that Falmadair and the Psalmboat Project will sail the fine big Sgoth Niseach boats in Loch Erisort, visiting the villages and sites of importance around Ceòs, Crosbost, Cromor and Eilean Chaluim Chille. 


We warmly invite you to participate in these historic sea journeys and invite psalmsingers to meet us on the quays: it's a bit early to predict the weather, but over those three days Ian Stephen, chief skipper, is confident we can capture the essence of the stories which have so generously been shared by local people. 


There are still several details to finalise. From the enthusiastic turnout at our original 2011 event on Ceòs pier, we know that many local people care deeply about these stories and will want to contribute in some way. 

Bidh fàilte chridheil ann dhuibh!



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Psalmboats Booklaunch 8th September

Maggie July 31, 2015
Cabraich are supporting the Psalmboat project led by the artist Deidre Ni Mhathuna, Edinburgh. The custom of psalm singing while travelling to worship by boat across Loch Erisort in the Lochs area, is the focus of this multi arts project. The next milestone is the publication by writer DS Murray and artist book maker Hugh Bryden,which will be launched at the Woodland Centre, Stornoway on Tuesday 8th September The initial phase of the project has also created a short film  More very soon... Read more, Comments: 0

New Drama Tom 's Jerry

Maggie June 30, 2015
The new play Tom 's Jerry by playwright Alasdair a Bhocsair from South Dell, Ness will be entertaining the local community groups in the autumn. The hour 's entertainment  will also include new humorous Gaelic songs and poems. Read more, Comments: 0

New local films

Maggie June 17, 2015

Cabraich Community Arts are promoting new short films on local themes made by Isle of Lewis based writers, film makers and actors wishing to portray local stories and Gaelic identity in the Hebrides. There are ten Gaelic films of five minute duration which have been screened at Bragar and Arnol's Grinneabhat 18th April, Shawbost's Clann an La an De on 28th April, Back Cairdeas and Comann Eachdraidh Nis's Lunch Club in June. Films are by Uig Media and Aignish Riots. Audience feedback:  

" Chunnaic sinn taghadh mhìorbhailleach de filmichean goirid, uile dèante air an eilean le stiùirichean is cleasaichean a seo fhein.. A-measg an roinn seo bha gaireachdainn gu-leòr, clisg no dhà, is cuimhneachadh air tachartasan is dòighean-beatha tro eachdraidh an eilein. Chòrd na filmichean ris a h-uile neach a bha ann, cuide na h-òrain is meòrachadh annasach mu Eilean Leòdhais. Ceud mìle taing do Chabraich is nach till sibh a rithist?"

The films include Am/Aite, As d'aonais, Taigh Dhe, Iolaire, Taigh a Mhuirt, Fios Fithich, Gealladh a Bhard and Leabhar na Beatha. Some of the films can be seen here

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Donald Macleod talented musician and singer

Maggie May 15, 2015
Check out the amazing voice and guitar playing of Donald MacLeod from Lochs. One of our very talented young people recorded by Wee Studio Stornoway. Read more, Comments: 0

Fundraising Publication Balaich na Whalers

Maggie May 07, 2015
Cabraich Arts and Heritage have just taken delivery of the 20 page Balaich na Whalers publication, which contains accounts and pictures of Lewis men at the Whaling in South Georgia in the late 1950s and early 60s. This is a Cabraich fundraiser to support our future arts and heritage projects.   The magazine is priced £3.50+ postage and is available on this website and on our Facebook page or by contacting Maggie on . Read more, Comments: 3

Screening New Local Films

Maggie April 28, 2015

Cabraich Community Arts are promoting new short films on local themes made by Isle of Lewis based writers, film makers and actors wishing to portray local stories and Gaelic identity in the Hebrides. There are ten Gaelic films of five minute duration which have been screened at Bragar and Arnol's Grinneabhat 18th April, Shawbost's Clann an La an De on 28th April and Back Cairdeas and Comann Eachdraidh Nis's Lunch Club in June. Films are by Uig Media and Aignish Riots. Audience feedback:  

" Chunnaic sinn taghadh mhìorbhailleach de filmichean goirid, uile dèante air an eilean le stiùirichean is cleasaichean a seo fhein.. A-measg an roinn seo bha gaireachdainn gu-leòr, clisg no dhà, is cuimhneachadh air tachartasan is dòighean-beatha tro eachdraidh an eilein. Chòrd na filmichean ris a h-uile neach a bha ann, cuide na h-òrain is meòrachadh annasach mu Eilean Leòdhais. Ceud mìle taing do Chabraich is nach till sibh a rithist?"

The films include Am/Aite, As d'aonais, Taigh Dhe, Iolaire, Taigh a Mhuirt, Fios Fithich, Gealladh a Bhard and Leabhar na Beatha. Some of the films can be seen here

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Maggie April 28, 2015
Cabraich participated in the project Psalmboat led by the artist Deidre Ni Mhathuna and the initial phase of the project has created a short film which can be seen here.  More exciting creative angles on the custom of psalm singing while travelling to worship by boat in the Lochs area of the Isle of Lewis very soon... Read more, Comments: 0

Cearcall Seinn -Uig

Maggie April 19, 2015
Chaidh Magaidh gu Cearcall Seinn ann an Uig Diardaoin 30mh Giblein. 'S ann againn a bha am feasgar! Orain gu leor an Ionad Urras Bhaltois ann an Meabhaig. 'Dheidhinn leat a Mheabhaig an Uig, ged a bhiodh, ged a bhiodh e anmoch, Dheidhinn leat a Mheabhaig an Uig ged a bhiodh e anmoch 's ceo ann'.    Read more, Comments: 0

Film Night Sat 18th April

Maggie April 13, 2015

Urras Choimhearsanchd Bhràdhagair agus Àrnoil will host a film night on Saturday 18th April from 7-9pm. The event will also feature local musicians and singers in Grinneabhat the old school in Bragar.

The evening is in conjuction with Cabraich Community Arts who are promoting new short films on local themes made by writers, film makers and actors wishing to portray local stories and Gaelic identity in the Hebrides.

The Bragar and Arnol Community Trust was established in 2012 to preserve and enhance the cultural and environmental heritage of the area, and to retain the Grinneabhat building for the community. Further information on

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Oidhche na Gaidhlig

Maggie March 23, 2015

Oidhche na Gàidhlig

Isle of Lewis based arts group Cabraich will be bringing Oidhche na Gàidhlig to communities throughout the island this spring and summer. This event aims to encourage Gàidhlig learners and support volunteer community groups with a will to promote and run Gàidhlig events.

The evening event Oidhche na Gàidhlig kicks off with a Gàidhlig conversation group for all levels, a Gàidhlig singing circle and then an hour of entertainment including plays, poetry, film and song to appeal to native Gàidhlig speakers.

The first event will be at Taigh Dhonnchaidh, the Ness arts and music centre in Habost on Thursday 16th April. The evening begins with An Cearcall Còmhraidh a conversation circle at 6.30pm, followed by An Cearcall Seinn a singing circle from 7.30pm and then from 8pm, the entertainment will include a humorous play by Alasdair Campbell from South Dell.

Cabraich are planning future events with Urras Coimhearsnachd Bhràdhagair ’s Àrnoil at Grinneabhat Centre, Bragar and Taigh Tasgaidh nan Eilean the new museum at Lews Castle. The Gàidhlig entertainment evenings are also available to other community groups who may wish to promote the language and support Gàidhlig learners in their area.

Oidhche na Gàidhlig is supported by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar . For more information contact Maggie Smith 07554665549 or  

22nd March 2015

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1st Cabraich drama online

Maggie March 22, 2015
Coinneach Tarmod- Mo Dhuine by Alasdair a Bhocsair from Ness, a monologue performed by Maggie Smith at several community events in 2014, can now be seen online. Bord na Gaidhlig and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar contributed funding, as part of an initiative to extend Gaelic drama to a new online audience. Read more, Comments: 0

Gaelic Conversation Circle and Song Circle

Maggie February 25, 2015

Gaelic Conversation Circle and Gaelic Singing Circle from 4.30-6.30 at the Bayhead Retirement Centre, Stornoway on Fridays 20th, 27th March and Friday 3rd April

Followed by the traditional music and song get together from 6.30-9pm

This friendly, informal gathering usually includes musicians on melodeon playing tunes in the Lewis style, Highland tunes on fiddle and guitar. Different styles of Gaelic songs from the tradition, can also be heard at this gathering which extends the hand of welcome to island visitors.

Admission £3.00

The Conversation Circle event is supported by Bord na Gaidhlig and Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar

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Peggy-star of film at 87

Maggie February 24, 2015

Gealladh a Bhàird

A new local short film features Peggy Effie Smith from Kneep in Uig. The well-known singer and composer of Gaelic songs, reveals how she inherited the gift of poetry from her grand uncle on his death-bed. Peggy Effie aged 87 filmed recently, by Keith Stringer and local volunteers from Uig Media revealed in verse how the gift of poetry came with conditions that it should never be used to mock or scold..

Seo a thuirt bràthair mo sheanair rium

Air bu leabaidh bais dha,

Gu robh aige faireachdainn

Gun fhuair mi spiorad bàrdachd,

’S gun tug e mar earal dhomh

“Na cur i chaoidh gu càineadh”

Cha diobair mise an gealladh sin,

Gus an paisgear bhon an fhad mi.

The film Gealladh a’ Bhàird can be viewed online at

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Successful local film and live music night

Maggie February 10, 2015

The weekly music and song gathering on Friday 6th February at the Retirement Centre in Bayhead, Stornoway included several new short films created in the islands since 2007.

From Uist there was the film Machair Life-A Dion Machraichean na h-Alba. Which demonstrated that traditional crofting practices, have a sustainable future. The film focused on the immensely important conservation value of the unique machair habitat on the west coast of the Hebrides.

Next up was A Gift for King George by Matheson Productions, a humorous look at crofting and island life in the early 1900s. Iain Baba Maciver of Uig played the main character a manic crofter, peat cutter and seaweed gatherer.

The Circle of Life was the subject of Leabhar na Beatha by Keith Stringer and Eric J MacDonald, filmed on the stunning Uig Sands. The film, set just before World War Two, included in the cast Sean Macleod, Eileen MacLennan and Deirdre MacDonald.

The tragedy of the 1st of January 1919 was represented in a five minute film Iolaire written and directed by Alasdair MacLeod of Aignish Riots, Niall Mason and April Maclean were the main characters with supporting actors, filmed at Arnol Blackhouse and aboard a fishing vessel in Glumaig Bay.

Am/Aite Time and Place had a theme of young love, emigration, inheritance and love rekindled in old age. Among the characters were Cristin MacKenzie and Donald John Macleod. The script by Eric J MacDonald was an Aignish Riots production.

With the exception of Machair Life, all the films were made with no budget. Scripts were written, filming schedules prepared, executed and edited, by creative islanders with a desire to see their own heritage represented visually for the enjoyment of others. Their dedication will be partially rewarded with regular planned screenings of locally made films.

The new, local short film evening, was very much enjoyed by the Friday teatime audience, young and old alike. There is a plan to show more of the locally made films at the Friday get together during March.

The films were interspersed with live music on melodeon, guitar and keyboard with songs in Gaelic, Irish country music and popular songs. The musicians and singers on Friday were Roddy MacDonald, Donnie Disco, Alan Farquarson, Tony, Dan and Hazel.

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Gaelic Conversation Circle and songs -New

Maggie February 03, 2015
The Friday Gaelic Conversation Circle begins on 13th February in the Retirement Centre, Bayhead Stornoway at 4.30pm. This will be followed by a chance to sing some simple Gaelic songs. Tha failte oirbh a steach. Le Taic bho Foghlam Coimhearsnachd Comhairle nan Eilean Siar agus Bord Na Gaidhlig. Read more, Comments: 0

Souvenir of Great Yarmouth-Story version

Maggie February 03, 2015
Eric John MacDonald's popular script Souvenir of Great Yarmouth will be performed again next month. Maggie Smith will be visiting the Caraidean group in Tong Hall, Isle of Lewis on 10th March and Edinburgh Storytelling Centre on Thursday 12th March. Read more, Comments: 0

Local Films

Maggie January 21, 2015
A series of local films will be screened on Friday the 6th February in the Retirement centre in Stornoway. The short Films by Uig Media, Aignish Riots, DigiHeb, other local companies and individuals are guaranteed to inspire you. Hope to see you there. The films are all less than ten minutes and there will also be music, chat and a cup of tea.      Read more, Comments: 0

Gaelic comedy

Maggie January 20, 2015
The Ness writer Alasdair Campbell's script Coinneach Tarmod mo Dhuine written for Maggie Smith in summer 2014, will be on the road again next month. Entertaining the Tolsta Over 60s group on Wednesday 11th February and Shawbost's Clann an La an De on Tuesday 28th February.   Read more, Comments: 0

Friday music and song event

Maggie January 12, 2015
The Friday evening open door and open mic is continuing into 2015. All ages are welcome at the Retirement Centre Bayhead, Stornoway between 6-9pm. Come along, play a tune, sing a song, listen, or blether over a cup of tea and home baking. Look forward to seeing you there. This event has been running since last July and in February there will be a new opportunity to brush up your Gaelic, when the conversation circle begins from 5pm.    Read more, Comments: 0


Maggie December 18, 2014
Psalmboat is a new arts collaboration centred around Loch Erisort and the custom of psalm singing on the water, when travel to church in Lochs was by boat. At the helm of Psalmboat is audio and visual artist deirdre ni mhathuna  other artists include: Lorna Simpson film maker, Hugh Brydon print maker, Donald S. Murray poet and writer, Ian Stephen writer and Cabraich Community Arts. The first phase of the project has recorded historical information on, routes, boats and related customs. The next phase of the project, funding permitting, will result in a film and artists' book, the fruit of the artists inspiration from the historical information gathered from the community. Another exciting community project! Fundedby Creative Scotland and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Read more, Comments: 0

Festive Traditional Music and Song

Maggie December 15, 2014

Friday 19th and 26th December and Friday 2nd January 2015 from 6-9pm

You are warmly invited to an open mic evening, held by local musicians and singers. There will be Scottish accordion music, local Lewis Melodeon Tunes, Irish songs, Scottish Gaelic songs and other songs from our community. Come and meet new people over a cup of tea.


This group meets every Friday with a mix of different musicians and singers, coming along each week. Thig a Steach!


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Wind Farms

Maggie December 11, 2014
Have you heard Willie John Campbell's Gaelic poem on how posh we are all going to be, when we get the profits from the wind turbines? All the groups Cabraich visited in October and November were very entertained by it!. Cabraich are looking for other contemporary humorous poetry for the Over 60s groups to enjoy when they re-convene in February.   Read more, Comments: 0

Writers Museum

Maggie December 11, 2014

Cabraich has been invited to attend a meeting to progress the suggestion of a writers' museum in the Hebrides. It would be terrific to have an archive of the rich tapestry of the output of many local poets and playwrights.  Beurla agus Ghaidhlig. Meeting postponed this week due to the bad weather. We look forward to the reconvened meeting in early January.


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Season's Greetings

Maggie December 05, 2014

Cabraich wish all their supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to February 2015, it will be a busy month with a visit to Clann an Latha an De in Shawbost, North Tolsta Over 60s group and the Silver Darlings in Lochs. Lots more news coming soon...

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Friday night for live music and song

Maggie October 07, 2014
The music and song get together at the Lewis Retirement Centre, Bayhead Stornoway each Friday from 6-9pm will continue during October and November 2014.There will be tunes, songs, a warm welcome and a cup of tea for locals and visitors. Lets share our traditional music and song, come along to the Retirement Centre on a Friday evening. This event co ordinated by Cabraich, has run weekly since July and has welcomed visitors from all over the world to Gaelic culture. Local participation is now required to make this maintain this much requested weekly social gathering. Read more, Comments: 0

New Monologue by Alasdair a Bhocsair

Maggie September 24, 2014

Coinneach Tarmod-Mo Dhuine by Alasdair Campbell, Alasdair a Bhocsair, Ness is a Gaelic monologue performed by Maggie Smith of Cabraich. Cabraich will be visiting Back Cairdeas on Wednesday 29th October at the Hut in Back and Carloway Sunshine Club on Wednesday 5th November at 1.30 at the Health Centre.  


Previous performances: Saturday 16th August at Balallan Hall, at the Scottish Night organised by the Balallan and District Recreation Committee,Ness Lunch Club on Thursday 4th September and Breasclete ABC Club on Wednesday 17th September. Event supported by Living it Up and Bord na Gaidhlig

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Eco Textiles workshops-26/27th September

Maggie September 08, 2014
Eco Textile Artist Rachel Powell held a workshop co-ordinated by Cabraich  in the Castle Grounds in Stornoway on Friday 26th September and at Barvas Community Centre on Saturday 27th September. The workshops supported by Hebtember and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Arts Department were attended by twenty seven participants . Read more, Comments: 0

Cuimhneachain To Absent Friends 7th November

Maggie September 02, 2014
To Absent Friends the National Festival of storytelling and remembrance will have an event in Balallan, Isle of Lewis on Friday November 7th. This will be co-ordinated by Cabraich. This will be a storytelling evening with photographs, crafts, poetry and a traditional menu. Read more, Comments: 0

Trad Music and Song In September

Maggie August 29, 2014
The traditional music and song get together at the Lewis Retirement Centre, Bayhead Stornoway  on Fridays from 6-9pm will continue during September.There will be tunes, songs, a warm welcome and a cup of tea for locals and visitors. Lets share our music and song, come along to the Retirement Centre on a Friday evening. Supported by Hebtember. Read more, Comments: 0

Coinneach Tarmod-mo dhuine New Play

Maggie August 14, 2014
Coinneach Tarmod-Mo Dhuine by Alasdair Campbell, Alasdair a Bhocsair, Ness is a Gaelic monologue performed by Maggie Smith.  The first performance will be on Saturday 16th at Balallan Hall, at the Scottish Night organised by the Balallan and District Recreation Committee. Also at Ness Lunch Club on Thursday 4th September and Breasclete ABC Club on Wednesday 17th September. Back Cairdeas Wednesday 29th October . Read more, Comments: 0

Lochs Entertainment

Maggie August 13, 2014

Friday 15th August 2014
: A World War One Commemoration Event, which will include music, songs
and Gaelic poetry from 1914-1918, will be held in the North Lochs Community
Centre, Leurbost at 7.30pm on Friday. The commemorative songs will be sung by
Kenneth Nicolson, Shonnie Beag Macmillan, Torquil Macleod, Mairi MacKenzie and
others. A warm welcome is extended to everyone and refreshments will be served.
Entry is free but donations to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the
Royal British Legion would be appreciated. 
Saturday 16th August 2014
: There will be a Scottish Night in Balallan Hall at 7:30pm. The
singers and musicians include Iain MacKay, Iain Begg, Innes Begg, Murray Begg,
Highland Dancers Ciorstaidh, Molly and Mairi. The Country Gaels and Mairi
MacLennan. Maggie Smith will perform a new Gaelic play by Alasdair Campbell
from Ness, called Coinneach Tarmod Mo Dhuine. 
At the interval there will be stovies, oatcakes, home baking and tea.
There will be a raffle and BYOB.

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Niall Odhar agus an Iorram Niseach

Maggie July 17, 2014

Have you heard the 400 year old  rowing song known as an Iorram Niseach and the bloody Clan Macleod story behind it? The tale was related by Niall Odhar the modern day Shawbost Pirate ( Murdo Macleod) last night at the Falmadair ceilidh. The song was sung Maggie Smith.

Iorram Niseach

Iomair thusa, chòinnich chridhe
Nèill a mhic 's na hò rò

Iomaraidh gu laidir rioghainn

Nèill a mhic 's na hò rò
Hay rò, hù ò rò.

Tha eagal mòr air mo chridhe
Gur e bìrlinn Nèill a' tha tighinn

No sgòth chaol mhic Thormoid oidhear.

Ach 's truagh nach robh mi fhìn 's Niall Odhar

An lagan beag os cionn Dhùn Odhail

Biodag am làimh 's Niall bhith fodham;

Dhearbhadh fhèin gun deigheadh i domhainn.

S gum biodh fuil a chlèibh na ghobhal,


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Ceilidh Dance Falmadair

Maggie July 14, 2014
Ceilidh dance on Wednesday 16th July in the Sea Angling Club with Ness Melodeon Band in aid of Falmadair The North Lewis Maritime Society. Music, song and stories and dancing to the best band in the west. Ceilidh begins at 8pm. Read more, Comments: 0

Ceilidh with Teddy

Maggie July 09, 2014
The poetry and songs by one of our most prolific writers Wille John Teddy (Campbell) will be presented at an event in Aird Point on Saturday 12th July. What a guy! It is a privilege to have a social commentator like Willie in our midst, regularly providing new material for singers. See the post of 5th August 2013 Read more, Comments: 0

Traditional Music and Song

Maggie July 06, 2014

The Lewis Retirement Centre, Bayhead Stornoway will be the venue for Traditional Music and Song on Fridays; from 6-9pm for 6 weeks during July and August. This is for locals, visitors and everyone. Tunes, songs, a welcome and a cup of tea and cake . Lets share our music and song, come along to the Retirement Centre from Friday 18th July.


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Ceilidh Wednesday 16th July Sea Angling Club

Maggie June 24, 2014
Falmadair the North Lewis Maritime Society ceilidh during Sail Stornoway week is on Wednesday 16th July in the Sea Angling Club in Stornoway. Traditional music, song and stories. Cabraich will be there. Read more, Comments: 0

Supper Ceilidh 21st June

Maggie June 22, 2014
Another great supper ceilidh at The Retirement Centre. Thanks to Tonkan Point, Murdo Dan and Broadbay Sound and the Country Gaels who entertained the audience of at least fifty people with Gaelic songs, tunes and stories. The event was organised by Cabraich and the buffet supper courtesy of the Living it Up project.  Next fundraising ceilidh for the Retirement Centre Refurbishment Fund will be in September.       Read more, Comments: 0

Coinneach Tarmod Mo Dhuine

Maggie June 11, 2014
Coinneach Tarmod Mo Dhuine a new 20 minute Gaelic monologue written by Ness playwright Alasdair a Bhocsair, Alasdair Cambell is performed by Maggie Smith. The play tells the story of an islander's trip to Glasgow in 2014. Read more, Comments: 0

Bannaimh nach Gann-new poetry book

Maggie June 01, 2014

Book launched on Saturday 7th June at 2pm at a Silver Darlings event in the Community Centre, Leurbost. Bannaimh Nach Gann the Gaelic secular writing of the Rev Murdo Smith (1878-1936) of 31 Leurbost includes nature poetry, humourous compositions and elegies, an extensive social history of the time.

This collection was written when travel was by boat, families were evicted to make way for grazing for sheep and emigration to Canada was encouraged. The words of the bàrd are often heard today in the popular love song Tè Bhàn,Tè Bhàn, Tè Bhuidhe Bhàn, An Seann Dachaigh and Fògradh ar Gaidheal
 The Comann Eachdraidh Cheann a Tuath Nan Loch publication by Clò Fuigheagan, costs £7.99 and is also available as an e-book.

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Supper Ceilidh 17th May

Maggie May 19, 2014
A great night was had by the 70 people who attended the supper ceilidh in the Lewis Retirement Centre on 17th May. Entertainers were Tonkan,Murdo Dan and BroadBay sound and The Country Gaels. Storytelling by Donald Saunders and music by Hadie Mansfield and Iain Sutherland. Thanks to Living it Up and the Retirement Centre Catering Team for a scrumptious buffet. Next supper ceilidh is on Saturday 21st June. Tickets available now.  Read more, Comments: 0

Living it Up

Maggie May 12, 2014
Cucumber Sandwich wriiten by local Uig playwright Eric John MacDoanld is a twenty minute performance by Maggie Smith Achmore. There will be another two performances thanks to Living it Up for the Over 60s in the Manor Residents group on Tuesday 20th May at Grianan, Westview Terrace, Stornoway at 7.30pm and at Uig Cairdeas,Uig Hall on 28th May at 2pm. More workshops in September 2014 will include Over 60s group members IT UpSkilling for mobile phones, Kindles and Social media.   Read more, Comments: 0

Cucumber Sandwich- A new play

Maggie April 09, 2014

Cucumber Sandwich by Eric MacDonald was performed for the first time today 15th April at Cairdean Cordail Cheann an Loch in Balallan Hall. Next performance at the Back Cairdeas group meeting at The Hut, Back on Wednesday 30th April. Also at Ness Lunch club at the Old Cross School, on Thursday 1st May. Manor Residents on Tuesday 20th May, Uig Cairdeas at Uig Hall on 28th May.  More details about the new 20 minute play below.


Toffs . Well...that's what we called them "

 A death by drowning at a sporting lodge on the Isle of Lewis .

 But was it really an accident ?
A farewell kiss on the cheek
Or was it something  more ?
A 16 year old girl learns some harsh lessons about Life...and Love
during a long hot summer in  1962 .
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Supper-Ceilidh Saturday 17th May

Maggie April 09, 2014
The Lewis Retirement Centre will host a supper ceilidh on Saturday 17th May. The event supported by Living it Up begins at 6.30pm. Tonkan Point, Chris Ann MacDonald, The Country Gaels and Broadbay Sound will be entertaining.    Read more, Comments: 0

For the Gaelforce in Glasgow

Maggie April 02, 2014
STV Glasgow - If you're in Glasgow or the surrounding area and involved in grass roots film making, music or comedy then you may be interested to know that there's a new TV station launching in June called "STV Glasgow".  It's a completely new channel on Freeview, Sky and cable and is currently looking to hear from individuals or groups who make their own music videos, comedy sketches or short films. If you're interested, please send your video links only to Also, please feel free to share if you think you know people you think may be interested. Read more, Comments: 0

Supper Ceilidh Retirement Centre

Maggie March 16, 2014
The refurbished Lewis Retirement Centre held a fund raising ceilidh last night. The supper ceilidh organised by Cabraich is aimed at anybody who likes a good singalong and a large number of local singers and musicians came to make sure it happened. Tonkan Point, Murdo Dan MacDonald and Broadbay Sound, Chris Ann MacDonald  and Country Gaels. The musicians created a very informal atmosphere a bit like an intimate ceilidh in your living room. An exquisite buffet was provided by Donald MacKee and the audience want more!!. The early evening supper ceilidh (6.30 -10pm) will be back! Read more, Comments: 0

Mach ann an 10

Maggie March 12, 2014
Mach Ann an Deich the drama festival for new Gaelic drama is back!. Submit your new scripts now for the drama event on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st May. An Lanntair Stornoway is the venue.   Read more, Comments: 0

Arts nan Eilean-Theatre in Rural Venues

Maggie March 11, 2014

Inside Scottish Dance Theatre is a must for anyone interested in the process of making dance productions. Recommended for ages 5+.Monday  24th  March Balivanich Community Centre at 7.30pm
Bookings: 01851 700475 Tuesday 25th March Sir E Scott School,  Tarbert at 7.30pm  Bookings: 07584 578759 Wednesday  26th March Spòrsnis, Ness at
7.30pm Bookings: 01851 810039,  


The Secret Life of Suitcases Larry works at the Suitcase Station, and he likes it very much. Every
day he inspects funnels and fixes pipes. And of course, he collects and sorts
out everyone's secrets as they arrive from all over the world. There are so
many of them! But he’s very good at his job and manages to keep them all safe.
Until one day, a secret escapes - and Larry has to go on a mission to get it
back... This magical and wondrous show is a new collaboration with the Unicorn
Theatre, the UK’s leading theatre for young audiences. Suitable for ages 5+ Thursday  3rd 
April 2014  Ionad Na Seann Sgoil,
Shawbost at 2pm, Bookings :10851 700475 Friday 
4th April  Tarbert Community
Centre, Isle of Harris at 2pm and 4.30pm. Saturday  5th April 
Balivanich Community Hall at - 3pm, Bookings 01851 700475

Farnham Maltings - In Praise of Elephants; a celebration of
the greatest animal on the planet and a touching story of a quiet man turning
60 trying to make sense of the world. Age Guidance : 8+ Wednesday  2nd April 2014 St Peters Hall, South Uist at
7.30pm Bookings: 01878 700154, Thursday 3rd Clan McQuarrie
Centre, Borve at 7.30pm Bookings 01851 850397 Friday 4th  April Breascleit Community Centre at 7.30pm
Bookings: 01851 700475.  

Pirates and Mermaids - Poorboy Theatre. The technology in
their pockets keeps them constantly in touch but you can’t hold someone in your
arms over Skype and a text can’t show someone’s smile. A humorous and universal
story told on a very human scale. Wednesday 31st  April 
Castlebay Community Hall at 7.30pm, Bookings: 01851 700475. Thursday
1st  May 
St Peters Hall,  South Uist at
7.30pm Bookings: 01878 700154, .Fri 2 May Taigh Dhonnchaidh,
Ness at 7.30pm Bookings: 01851700475 Saturday 3 May Bernera Community Centre,
at 7.30pm Bookings: 01851 612411  

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Taigh A Mhuirt

Maggie February 11, 2014
A short film by two of our members Keith Stringer and Eric MacDonald is in the running for best drama in the Film G competition. Well done and best of luck in the final. Link is Read more, Comments: 0

Cucumber Sandwiches

Maggie December 14, 2013
A new 15 minute play by Eric J MacDonald is currently being rehearsed and will be available for community group events in the New Year. Roll on 2014 ! Read more, Comments: 0

Solus Geur

Maggie December 11, 2013
More than 200 people attended Solus Geur -Luminate, a Festival of Creative Ageing event in Breasclete Hall on Wednesday 30th October.  Represenatatives from ten of the islands Over 60s clubs came along, so did learners from the local Gaidhlig san Dachaigh group, and 31 pupils from Sgoil Bhreascleit. There were craft demonstrations basket making, rope knot tyeing , spinning, carding and wool dyeing. Local films featuring some of our Over 60s were screened and poetry by some of our talented creative agers, was shared. Several individuals brought their own craft i.e patchwork, Harris tweed garments,knitting. A real celebration of creativity using traditional island craft. Read the review by a Happiness participant. Solus Geur was supported by Bord na Gaidhlig, Age Concern and Comhairle nan Eilean.     Read more, Comments: 0

Films by local people on local themes

Maggie December 06, 2013
Cabraich in the coming weeks will be telling everyone about the short films created locally. The 45 minute programme will include local people, local issues and local scenery. So come along! Dates for Bernera Community Centre and a Stornoway venue to be confirmed soon. Read more, Comments: 0


Maggie October 11, 2013

A woeful tale

Spilling out from the lips of the accurate news-reader 
“Another soldier has been killed in Afghanistan
His family has been informed
The regiment commander said
He died a hero
Was awarded a medal
for fighting for his country
doing the work he loved
His remains will be flown home
and will be buried with full military honours”

My young lad!
Were you a hero in the pale cold throes of  death

Was it the reputation of your country that sustained you
In the delirium
As your strength was ebbing
As you lay there
In the inhospitable unfamiliar environment of Helmand
Surrounded by foreign infidels
So hostile and uncivilised

What care you about war medals
Or long heavy eulogies

Or the crowds who congregate on the streets
Out of curiosity


At the funeral procession

Throwing roses

White and red


The medals will tarnish
The flowers will fade

Words will be forgotten

The crowds will disperse

For a day’s work awaits them
Every one so busy!

And YOU will be remembered no more!
Deep down in your mother’s heart
Is an incurable scar
on which  no remedy
can have an effect
As she moves each day through the darkness of the deep
Where there is no light

Chrissie MacIver Breasclete 2012

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Contemporary nature poetry

Maggie August 05, 2013

I saw Willie John Teddy today, one of our most prolific bards.  While leafing through his collection of poetry he discounted "Lotan Nadar" a poem about climate and environmental change as "nobody had put a tune to the words". This is one of the most powerful contemporary nature poems we have in Gaelic.


This is where Maggie Smith hangs her head in shame as she had set the words of "Lotan Nadar" to a tune some years ago. 


We have poetry which could enrich the lives of Gaelic learners and native speakers... if it was accessible. Is there anyone out there who would like to see new songs, using the poetry, written by the last of the village bards? Can we work together to put their writing out there as new songs... to the benefit of the environment and our mother tongue.

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HMY Iolaire lost 1st January 1919

Maggie June 13, 2013

 190 Lewis sea men returning from WW1 lost their lives on the 1st of January 1919 when the HMY Iolaire grounded on the Beasts of Holm outside Stornoway Harbour. This was the theme young film maker Alasdair Macleod of Aignish selected when he made a no budget film in 2009. Here is the link.                         


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Over 60s Clubs summer hols

Maggie June 04, 2013

Today's performance of A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth was at Cairdean Allt nan Gall in Garrabost/Knock. This was the last visit to the Over 60s groups until they return after the summer break. By November 2013 Cabraich hope to have a new play.  Bookings for visits in November have been lined up in Kinloch, Back Cairdeas, Young at Heart Clan MacQuarrie Borve and Cairdean Allt nan Gall in Point.


Today I met Mrs Morrsion a 94 year old herring girl from Point who told me she joined the Naafi when war broke out. Working at the building of the Drome in Stornoway, Breanais Uig and then in Tiree. She told me "that Tiree was where the good looking American pilots who flew to Belgium were based. They were not all destined to return"  We hope to record more of her wartime memories very soon. Everybody we have met at the island Cairdeas groups has a remarkable story to tell. 

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Community Drama Aros 6th July

Maggie May 21, 2013
Feisean nan Gaidheal 's Youth drama summer school will have a Gaelic Community drama event on Saturday 6th July at Aros, Portree, Isle of Skye. Cabraich will be there.   Read more, Comments: 0

Taigh Dhe-Baile na Cille Church

Maggie May 05, 2013
Watch Taigh Dhe a short film about a vist to Baile na Cille Church, Uig on a winters day in November 2011. This is a last glimpse of the church before renovations to convert it into a private house commenced. Filmmakers were Keith Stringer and Eric John MacDonald.  Read more, Comments: 0

Beautiful Day -New Film Uig Media

Maggie April 24, 2013
Watch Uig Media's fab new film Beautiful Day by Keith Stringer and Iain Baba MacIver . Read more, Comments: 0

Bho Sgaile Suainabhal-New play Eric J MacDonald

Maggie April 16, 2013
Bho Sgaile Suaineabhal is the latest play written by Uig playwright Eric John MacDonald. The 10 minute play was first performed at Mach ann an Deich at An Lanntair,Stornoway on Saturday May 25th. 
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Leabhar 's Craic Sat 23rd March CCA Glasgow

Maggie February 28, 2013
Cabraich will be at Leabhar s Craic at the CCA Sauchiehall St with an afternoon performance of  Os Mo Chionn Sheinn an Uiseag. The programme for the day is packed, with writers reading their work,discussion,and lots of good music.  Read more, Comments: 0

Mach ann an Deich 24 & 25th May

Maggie February 28, 2013
The showcase of Gaelic drama for 10 minute plays is back. Dates are Friday 24th May and Saturday 25th May. Start planning now! Lets make it a great event with lots of people working together to put Gaelic drama on the stage at An Lanntair.  Read more, Comments: 0

Feis Drama Skye 15&16th March

Maggie February 02, 2013
Sgeama dràma lionradh Gàidhlig an t-Eilean Sgiathanach ’s Loch Ailse will host a drama skills workshop. This is open to over 18s, living anywhere in the Highlands, interested in learning drama skills. It is hoped that individuals will help support a Gaelic stage production in their own area. The event is on Friday 15th March and Saturday 16th March at Sabhal Mor Ostaig. It is envisaged that new plays will be written at the master classes and performed among lots of fun and laughter during the finale on the second day. For more information contact Artair Donald, Drama Artist in residence at Sabhal Mor Ostaig on 01471 888454/07921679007 or
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Crioch 2012

Maggie December 13, 2012
Cabraich have been busy out and about for the last four weeks. Taking A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth  to Uig Cairdeas, Newton Community, Kinloch Comann Chairdeil and Breasclete Community. Next port of call will be Tolsta Over 60s group early in February 2013. Then the Gaelic version Os Mo Chionn Sheinn an Uiseag has been requested both locally and in Central Scotland. Thanks to all the lovely people we met in 2012 and for all the stories they shared with us. Nollaig Chridheil 's Bliadhna Mhath Ur dhiubh uile.
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Song by a Lewis Herring Girl

Maggie December 04, 2012
This song rekindled memories for several members of the audience. Written in the 1920/30s it was sung in Lewis in the 1940s/50s. Thanks to John Tonkan MacDonald Portvoller for the words and the tune.  Read more, Comments: 0

Aig Ceann Camus Uig/Uig Bay

Maggie November 10, 2012

The nights are creeping in now and this is officially the begining of the poetry season. This first Gaelic bardachd Aig Ceann Camus Uig /Uig Bay was contributed by Donald Maciver of Crowlista,  Read more, Comments: 0

Town Hall Stornoway 29th Oct

Maggie October 30, 2012
The members of Stornoway Historical Society were treated to a novel alternative at the start of their traditional winter lecture series. Cabraich entertained with A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth in the newly refurbished Town Hall to an enthusiastic audience on a bleak winters night. The after show discussion as always, produced a good number of family/personal reminiscences including one which involved the call of nature! A Chiorstag thoir dhomh greiseag ga do bhrog. Several of those present expressed the wish that this would be the first of many such occasions."It made history come alive" was a repeated comment. Read more, Comments: 0

Ar dualchas an de 's an diugh

Maggie October 20, 2012
A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth will be visiting Stornoway Historical Society at Stornoway Town Hall on Monday 29th October. The group supported Cabraich's visit to Great Yarmouth last month. Are there any other volunteer groups out there, we can work with? By working together we can highlight even more of our island heritage. Read more, Comments: 0

Music Through The Ages

Maggie October 10, 2012
Bob Pegg and Henry from Milton gave us an incredible taster of Music Through the Ages at StromCrubaidh,Assynt on Saturday.  Shells, reeds,reids and drums with goat skin, cow skin,and sheepskin. We tried them all. Close by is Ardvreck Castle where the MacKenzie's and the Macleod's fought it out to get control of the land and castle. We all sang a pibroch song An Tearbh Breac Dearg. Bye those Assynt people can sing when they are stirred up. It was a great day out for all the family. Well done the organisers.     Read more, Comments: 0


Maggie October 10, 2012

Met with Agnes an 82 year old herring girl originally from Shetland at the Assynt Festival. Agnes brought several pictures of herring girls and coopers at Wallsay harbour in 1952. Her freind Moira brought two skirts and a herring net  from her own family's collection of heirlooms. Herring girls were always knitting,Agnes still knits Fair Isle garments and has her own website.


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Uig, Assynt +

Maggie September 28, 2012

Stories, songs and the Lewis herring girl at Museum nan Eilean tomorrow 29th. Recording the play for community radio Isles Fm Monday 1st, Uig Cairdeas Group Wednesday 3rd, then Assynt Festival 5th

on Friday. 

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Happy Ness

Maggie September 16, 2012
A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth will be visiting Happy Ness and friends at Ness Hall this Wednesday 19th September at 2pm Read more, Comments: 0

Golden Oldies

Maggie September 07, 2012
Cabraich went to Age Concern Scotland's Network Event in Stornoway to discuss ideas for next year's Luminate Festival with the Golden Oldies groups from the Islands.    Read more, Comments: 0

Great Yarmouth

Maggie September 05, 2012
Sea Shanties and the price of coal Read more, Comments: 0

Assynt Festival

Maggie August 14, 2012
The play A Souvenir of Great Yarmouth will be at the Assynt Festival in Lochinver on Friday 5th October. Read more, Comments: 0

Tha Torr dhe Seors an Cabharstaigh New play

Maggie August 08, 2012
In rehearsal... Read more, Comments: 0

Tractor Ceilidh

Maggie August 05, 2012
Roddy MacDonald's launched his CD Fasan a d' fhalbh with a Tractor Ceilidh on Saturday 18th August at the Clan MacQuarrie in Borve. Roddy plays Dannsa a Rathaid tunes on a 90 year old melodeon.  Roddy drove his tractor around the village. On request Roddy parked and played good tunes perched on the front wheel of the tractor. Near the village fank Marion Govig's cows were drawn to the fence to hear the tunes. The men fixing the village fank stopped to listen, tapped their feet in their wellies and then bought CDs. Afterwards a good ceilidh in the Clan MacQuarrie raised over £600.00 for Enable Stornoway. Read more, Comments: 0

Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival

Maggie August 03, 2012
Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival Read more, Comments: 0