Open-Mic Womens' Nite
Maggie October 14, 2016
Cabraich have been holding monthly Womens' Open-Mic events since October 2015.
See below comments on our facebook page Open-Mic Womens' Nite after the event on Thursday 13th October:   
Another fantastic night with lots of laughter at the monthly Women's Night usually at the Bridge Centre but this time it was at the Carlton.
The Open-Mic Women's Group has a core of eight ladies and another three ladies came along for the first time last night. Comments
" I have never been to a group like this before, this is the best"
"I have never heard that song before".
"I did like the new song about the oilrig, Could I have the words?" ...
"I will do the baking next time"
" I want to learn the guitar".
" I havent done any singing for four years"
" I am so happy here"
There is a wish to extend the group and have two events a month, one of them in the afternoon. There is also a wish to take the group into the rural parts of Lewis. Next event is Thurday 8th December at the |Bridge Centre, Bayhead Stornoway.  
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