Blue Men of the Minch -Na Fir Gorma
Maggie April 01, 2017
The Laraich Placenames and Stories project, held a workshop at Sgoil nan Loch and Sgoil nan Pairc with Ariel Killick. The Blue Men -Na Fir Gorma of the Shiant Isles featured in the local story Ariel developed specially for this project. Sgoil na Pairc is a stone's throw from the Shiants. Na h-Eileanan Mora or Na h-Eileannan as the seadogs in Maribhig call them. The teachers workshop evaluations indicate the pupils loved the interaction with the story about places in Lewis and Skye. Workshop pictures from the schools to follow. Ariel has performed four solo immersive interactive bilingual Gaelic theatre in education shows, in the last three years and is one incredible artist. see www.Independent State of Happiness. Ariel thank you for the workshop experience. The children will remember Na Fir Gorma. I met one of them in Spar the next day and the pupil got straight into character. Laraich is funded by Bord na Gaidhlig.
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